The competition consists of two stages, where the first stage kicks off online on February 6 and continues until February 8. The qualifiers from the first stage will be selected to participate in the second stage, scheduled for February 10 in the Oman Hall, specifically at the Graduates’ Conference Hall.
Win Total of 7,000 USD + job offers to work in the Green Circle team.

In an initiative from Green Circle to conduct Cyber Security Hackathon- CTFJO in the last three years, and due to the major success, the competition has accomplished, we at Green Circle has decided with cooperation with Jordan Design and Development Bureau JODDB Headquarters  to conduct Cyber Security Hackathon Volume 4 this year as well. Green Circle’s Main Motive and objective from initiating the games is to further develop and support the younger talents of this generation who have high interests in Cyber and Information Security in Jordanian Universities and associations to better enhance the younger force that will soon be entering the Cybersecurity industry.

What is Cyber Security Hackthon – CTF?
Capture The Flags

is a cybersecurity competition which will challenge players with games and tests related to Hacking and a variety of Cybersecurity concepts.

Teams of competitors (or just individuals)

are pitted against each other in the games, and the team/ Individual with highest score will win.

The CTF game can be of great help

for one’s career beginning due to their team-building nature and competitive aspect. In addition, there isn't a lot of commitment required beyond a weekend.

What will Cyber Hackthon Provide?
Support Participants, projects, research and development in the field of cybersecurity
Provide the participants with the required training material, and tools to sharpen their strength in the workforce market
Increase the level of cybersecurity Awareness in industry, community and younger generations.
Provide opportunity for the talented and the gifted of the newer and younger generation to shine and prosper.
The winning individual/team will be receiving not only a financial prize but also a job offer to work with us at Green Circle and a certification which he/she/they can use to enhance their Resume and CV.
Who Should Register?

Any student/Worker in Jordan with Capabilities of Hacking in one or more from the domains associated in the competition.

Competition Challenges

In this challenge, the players will have to recover a digital trail left on a computer. There are plenty of methods to find data that is seemingly deleted, not stored, or worse, covertly recorded, this challenge will shine on the player's ability to research and look for details that may not seem clear to the eye at the beginning.


In this challenge the players will have to encrypt and decrypt schemes that may be improperly implemented, the players in this challenge will be required to understand the underlying and basic principles that will help them better find flaws and cracks in the codes.

Web Exploitation/ Penetration

Websites all around the world are programmed using various programming languages. While there are specific vulnerabilities in each programming language that the developer should be aware of, there are issues fundamental to the internet that can show up regardless of the chosen language or framework.

Reverse Engineering

In this challenge the players will be required to take a compiled (machine code, bytecode) program and convert it back into a more human readable format. Very often the goal of a reverse engineering challenge is to understand the functionality of a given program such that you can identify deeper issues.

Binary Exploitation

In this challenge players will be asked to find a vulnerability (Binaries, or executables) in the program and exploit it to gain control of a shell in order to modify the program's functions.

Get to know the Organizer

Green Circle for Cyber solutions (GRCICO) is a Jordanian company, founded in 2017 by Mohammad Al-Khudari, specialized in cyber security. Green Circle is an innovative and professional organization that partners with top product vendors and partners with the aim to provide the market with the most efficient solutions in handling and managing any related topic to cyber security.

Green Circle team consists of many technical professionals and engineers with in depth experience and knowledge in the majors of cyber or information security, Risk Management, Compliance, SOC management and so on.


We are looking forward to hearing from you to apply to our competition and be apart of it, and hope the competition will provide you with the needed professional growth while also ensuring you are having fun, doing the things you are passionate about

Good Luck to you all, and may the best win